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Privacy Policy


Aspire Hair & Beauty 




Aspire Hair & Beauty respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information at all times.

At Aspire Hair & Beauty we take your personal data very seriously and that's why we want to let you know why and how we collect and store your personal details in accordance with the new GDPR legislation that comes into effect on 25th May 2018.


How we collect your data

We collect your data in several ways a Aspire Hair & Beauty, as detailed below.

  1. In the salon using a printed Client consultation form, further details of all information collected can be found below under the heading 'What personal data we collect and why'.  We then store your name, address, date of birth, email address, treatment history and any medical alerts on a our secure digital cloud system.

  2. Contact Form - This is a contact form on our website for you to contact us with enquiries.  We ask for your name, email address and to leave a comment, you will NOT be added to our mailing list for using this.

  3. Social media - You may contact us via Facebook messenger or other networks and we will reply to you message but we DO NOT PAY TO OR USE YOUR PERSONAL DATA FROM SOCIAL MEDIA.


What personal data we collect and why


When arriving for your appointment at the salon we will ask you to complete a client record card.  We require the below personal details from you and have given a legal reason why we need these.

  1. Your full name - So we can address you in the salon and ensure all communication is with the correct person.

  2. Date of birth - So we can wish you a happy birthday, to help us distinguish 2 clients with identical names and also for the emergency services in case of an emergency whilst at the salon (Yes it has happened before).

  3. Address - To aid the emergency services in case of an emergency whilst at the salon.  If any of your loved ones contact us to send you a gift voucher.

  4. Email address - To send booking confirmations and 24 hour reminders as well as email invoices of any services you have received.

  5. Medical history including operations, diseases, disorders - Medical history is crucial to allow us to perform our treatments safely and adhere to the terms of our insurance.

  6. Allergies - To ensure nothing we use during a treatment or around you at the salon can cause you harm, irritation or any other complications and to adhere to the terms of our insurance..

  7. Medication - Some medication can be a contraindication to treatment or react with products we use.  It is essential we know details to protect you the client and adhere to our insurance terms.

  8. Patch test - This is a skin test we carry out in the salon to test for potential allergic reactions to certain treatments.  We keep this on file so all therapists know you are able to have that treatment and in the event of a reaction we know what was used and when.

  9. Treatment history - This is so each therapist can see what and how the last therapist carried out a treatment on you to ensure results are consistent amongst all staff.

  10. Your Consent -  We require you to read and sign a paragragh that allows us to obtain this information lawfully from you and legally store it in accordance with GDPR.

  11. Your Contact prefences - If you wish to be on a our mailing list you must opt in otherwise we can not legally send you our newsletters and special offers.

  12. Your consent to use treatments photos - Some of our treatments involve before and after photos on salon devices to aid the client experience and proof of progress/treatment.  Sometimes we like to use these on social media and need your permission to do so. Mainly but not limited to Nails, Eyelashes..

  13. Your signature - To prove it was you that was present in the salon and that you answered all  of the above to the best of your knowledge and honestly.  That you agree to Urban eden beauty holding you data on our digital online booking system database (Timely) and on paper form in our secure locked filing cabinets.

How your data is stored

Your data is in digital and paper form at Aspire Hair & Beauty.  Paper copies of consultation forms are stored alphabetically in a locked filing cabinet that only staff of Aspire Hair & Beauty have access to.  Digital information is stored using Timely online booking system with cloud software and is password protected.  Only Aspire Hair & Beauty staff have this password and certain areas are restricted even further to management only.

Electronic devices at Aspire Hair & Beauty comprise of an HP windows 10 note book to operate Timely software, Apple I phone and android phone all of which are password protected and none contain client personal data.  The I phone and android phone Icontain client images from previous treatments with client permission and are not used for any marketing purposes other than agreed by the client in their consultation form.  Photos do not contain personal details or clients full face.


How long we hold your personal data  for

We most recently updated our records.  We will hold your data for up to 2 years unless you ask us otherwise as we appreciate some clients visit us weekly whereas some may come yearly.  In order to continue to provide the client with the best service possible we need  these records to see exactly what treatments were performed, reactions, likes, dislikes, patch tests, products used etc.


Third parties

With a large client base we do need a little help and do use a third party to deliver our email confirmation, 24 hour reminders, failure to show notices, newsletters and emails.  We use shedul booking service to send all client communication.  We DO NOT sell or share your personal data with anyone.  No other third party including our accountant has any client personal data.  shedul are currently checking and updating all their policies and security in accordance with the GDPR.


Your right to access or changed your mind?


Your data control officer forAspire Hair & Beauty is Daisy Jefferson. In the event of a breach of personal data you will be contacted by the above mentioned person within 72 hours of discovery.


You have the right to be forgotten. If at anytime you no longer wish to be on  Aspire Hair & Beauty  that's no problem, simply send an email to ASPIRE TEAM at INFO@ASPIREWROXHAM.COM and WE will personally remove your digital file and then cross shred you paper file and ensure if you opted onto our mailing list that this is also removed.


You have the right to access your personal data that Aspire Hair & Beauty holds and the right to rectification if it is incomplete, incorrect or out of date.

You also have the right to Data portability if you wish us to transfer some personal data maybe patch test results if you a moving towns to another salon.

You also have the right to object to processing and direct marketing.  Your data can remain in one place but not used.

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